Roger Pollard


Mobile Applications

The world of mobile gaming is full of addictive and harmful monetization models and gameplay mechanics. Mobile games should make the lives of the players better, not worse. Therefore, I aim to make fun, enjoyable games with ethical monetization models and attractive aesthetic. Video games have the potential to be works of art—but before such a goal is realized, essential tenants of ethical programming should be achieved.


A classic-style mobile music game, featuring a wide variety of music from independent artists—perfect for chill or challenging play.

This game is free to download and play, and comes with over 90 minutes of included music. Users have the option of purchasing additional songs and style features.

Disc Brick

This simple game focuses on breaking increasingly resilient bricks with an increasingly numerous arsenal of discs. Hence the name: "Disc Brick".

The monetization model of this game is simple—the game is free, and users can purchase themes to change the aesthetic of their playtime.

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Small businesses shouldn't have to spend inordinate amounts of money to receive a beautiful, custom-made website. My clients get a full website, designed from the ground up to present their business professionally and aesthetically.

Advantage Property Management

A functional, php- and database-driven website built from the ground up which allows the owner to manage the content themselves.

Owyhee Mountain Fiddle Shop

A simple, one-page, "business card"-style website that gives the user all business information clearly.

A Talking Fish

A javascript-driven website that presents a database of media in a clear and organized fashion.

Arizona Graffiti

A website designed with a third-party content management service, allowing the user to modify any aspect of the website they want.