Roger Pollard

Designer, Programmer, Composer

  • Owyhee Mountain Fiddle Shop

    Designed by request to be a "business card" website: one simple page with all relevant information clearly presented in a style that complements the establishment.

  • Advantage Property Management

    This website has multiple pages and multiple functions. The owner can update listings, tenants can send requests and forms, and potential clients can submit applications.

  • A Talking Fish

    This website houses a catalogue of video and audio productions made by the group. A database backend allows for dynamically generated content when new videos are made.

Making Your Website Yours

Making websites, for me, is an artistic endeavor. Every website should have a style and appearance that sets it apart from the ocean of template-made websites. My standard is to make all websites from scratch, making sure that the aesthetic and functionality are tailored to its branding. Not every website needs to be extravagant and expensive, but it should be attractive and unique.

Websites Built For Usability

When websites are made with templates, they not only offer limited customizability, but they also carry with them a cluttered and busy appearance along with large amounts of heavy data that drastically increase wait times when navigating the website.

Custom-made websites are made with the user and the owner in mind. Each website is designed to maintain 100% usability on all devices: computers, tablets, and phones. Generic designs are avoided and all elements of the website are included deliberately.

  • Disc Brick

    A disc-collecting, brick-breaking game. You start with one disc; the bricks start with one health. Try to collect discs and break the bricks before they hit the bottom of the screen! It's simple, yet fun.

  • Tap Areas

    This simple brain-building game challenges your reflexes and cognitive abilities. To get the most points, you must determine the largest area of colored blocks as fast as possible. The longer you last, the harder it gets.

The Ethics and Art of Games

A game that demands too much of your time or relies on addictive mechanics quickly starts to bring more negativity than positivity into your life. At the very least, our games should be enjoyable and relaxing, and shouldn't pressure us to spend too much time or money just to maintain a minimum level of enjoyment.

Likewise, games should be artistic. Whether it's a small or large game, it should work within its capacity to be attractive and creatively innovative. When possible, a game should present a story or concept that offers something of value to the player.

While I haven't yet reached the point where I am making large, immersive games, I stand by these principles strongly within the sphere and capacity I am at, and will continue to do so.

Shardweaver: Kolo

Sharkweaver: Kolo (Trailer Theme)

This piece was created for a trailer to showcase an independent role-playing video game to be publicly funded on Kickstarter. The game was featured by Kickstarter on their list of "Projects We Love". You can view the full video here.


Forest Theme

This piece was written to accompany the exploration of a dark forest area in the demo of an independent video game now in progress.



Music meant to accompany a cloudy, etherial dream state.

Video Game Music as an Art Form

If video games can contribute to our lives in a meaningful way, then the music must assist in that. With any total work of art, every artistic facet must be, in and of itself, artistically viable. That often means that the music used in video games must be made specifically for the game itself to reach maximum potential.

I work with video game project managers to ensure that the image of their game is fully supported and complemented by the music within the game. Each piece is composed, recorded, and arranged to fit their vision. Then, as needed, the music can be dynamically implemented to suite the game's mechanics, with elements such as sectional transitions and layering.

About Me

My name is Roger Pollard and I specialize in programming, graphic design, and music composition and production. I work to ensure that my products are of a stable, artistic nature and that they can be presented to the public view without reservation.

I can make a website for your business, develop mobile app ideas, or write and produce music for your commercial products. Email me at to set up a consultation.